2018 High Point Results

Here are the results from the 2018 show season. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Nance, email amy@amycrossnance.com

Class 1st Place 1st Place (tie) 2nd Place
Showmanship Adult Ada Kitty Keen —–
Showmanship Youth Morgan Norris —–
Model Mares It’s Written in the Stars Pushers Guarded Secret
Model Stallions & Geldings Antonio Antonio Eagletistical
Trail Obstacle-Advanced Horse Money of Joy-TK Dolly Dumas
Trail Obstacle-Novice Horse Dream Liner —–
Equitation 2 gait Sarah Beth Arnold Morgan Norris
Leadline Will Durham —–
Walk Only Lainey Sisk —–
Pleasure Driving Remey Martin —–
All Day Pleasure AOT Master Lineman Outlaw Country Wicked Times
TWH Youth 11 and Under Pepe’s Papa Pump —–
All Day Pleasure Western Amateur Money of Joy-TK Outlaw Country —–
Trail Pleasure Open Jose in Dixie —–
TWH Youth 17 and Under Oops Thats Me —–
Country Pleasure AOT Roan Ranger Oops Thats Me
Lite Shod 2 & 3 yr old Open Sofia Vergara —–
All Day Pleasure Youth 17 & under Pepe’s Papa Pump —–
Lite Shod Open Dangerous Willy —–
Country Pleasure 4 & 5 yr old Open Ys Dixie Heart —–
Lite Shod AOT What Will Be Will Be —–
Racking Pleasure Open Pushers Guarded Secret —–
All Day Pleasure English Amateur Locked in Gold Money of Joy-TK
Country Pleasure Open Headliner at the Ritz —–
All Day Pleasure 5 yr old & Under Amateur Master Lineman Outlaw Country
Lite Shod 2 & 3 yr old Amateur Sofia Vergara —–
Country Pleasure 4 & 5 yr old Amateur Ys Dixie Heart Mercedes Benz
Country Pleasure 3 gait Open Roan Ranger —–
Trail Pleasure 2 & 3 yr old Open Jose’ Hit Me —–
Country Pleasure 2 & 3 yr old Amateur Remey Martin —–
Country Pleasure Amateur Headliner at the Ritz Ys Dixie Heart
Trail Pleasure AOT Ferdinand The Insurgent
Trail Pleasure 2 & 3 yr old Amateur The Insurgent Jose’ Hit ME A Superfine Time T.H.F.
Classic Park AOT What Will Be Will Be —–
Trail Pleasure 3 Gait Open Ferdinand —–
Lite Shod Amateur Dangerous Willy —–
Lite Shod 3 Gait Open Dangerous Willy —–
Classic Park Pleasure 3 gait Open Jose’s Pretty Lady —–
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