2019 Trail Ride Schedule

For questions or more information, please contact Herb Miller brokerherbert@gmail.com or Steve Parsons steveparsons98@yahoo.com

Date Location Description
April 6** Garrison Creek Ride for beginners or unsure riders.   Will have session prior to ride to help with tack, trail safety, trail behavior & Q/A.
April 27 Percy Warner Moderate ride with some challenges
May 18 Cordell Hull CANCELLED
June 8 Laurel Hill at VFW Lakes Moderate to hill challenges   WMA permit required
July 13 Fountain Creek Easy to level ride     WMA permit required
Aug 10 Garrison Creek Moderate with added route through tunnel
Sept 21 Williamsport Moderate hills with challenges     WMA permit required
Oct 26 Franklin Forrest Hill and distance challenges
Nov 9 Blue Creek Lunch included

**Note: The April 6 ride is a new venture for the Trail Ride program. This ride will give new riders an opportunity to receive some education that will improve their confidence to continue trial riding. I believe there are riders that will leave the barn if they were given an opportunity to learn from experienced woods riders. We have a lot of trails in Tennessee and given the right guidance, more riders can enjoy them.

This schedule is subject to change, so please see check back to this website or our Facebook page for weather cancellations, directions to rides, and the addition of rides.