Officers and Board of Directors

2022 PWHAT Officers

Maggie Moore—President

Jim Tyree—Vice President

Kim Richwine—Secretary

Tony Bowling–Treasurer

2022 PWHAT Board of Directors

Tina Bowling [email protected]
Tony Bowling [email protected]
Carol Camp [email protected]
Shirley Davis [email protected]
Anne Frank [email protected]
Dickie Gardner [email protected]
Jim Hatch [email protected]
Morgan Head
Victoria Kalosis [email protected]
Marilynne MacLeod [email protected]
Jessica Mast [email protected]
Maggie Moore [email protected]
Herb Miller [email protected]
Rex Nance [email protected] 
Amy Nance [email protected]
Susan Paul [email protected]
Jane Pirolo [email protected]
Steve Perry [email protected]    
Kim Richwine [email protected]
Scarlet Spencer [email protected]
Jim Tyree [email protected]