PWHAT Committees

2020 PWHAT Committees

President – Susan Paul

Vice-President – Jim Tyree

Secretary – Amy Cross Nance

Treasurer – Tony Bowling

By Laws: Carole Hill

Show Committee:  Susan Paul, Chair

Tina Bowling

Carol Camp

Justus Carter

Shirley Davis

Crystal Deputy

Dickie Gardner

Anne Frank

Victoria Kalosis

Marilynne Macleod

Rex Nance

Amy Nance

Jane Pirolo

Trail Committee:  Herb Miller, Chair

Membership Committee:  Jim Tyree and Anne Frank

High Points/Awards: Tina Bowling


Banquet: D. A. McGovern and Marilynne MacLeod

Communication (Website/Facebook): Susan Paul

Social: Tony Bowling

Trail Enhancement/Retention: Laney Ware and Herb Miller