CO-OP/PWHAT Two Year Old Challenge

PWHAT is announcing a new program — the Co-Op Two Year Old Challenge.   It is a high point program to generate participation and excitement for two year olds.     There are a lot of two year olds that show at PWHAT shows and there cannot be separate classes for just two year olds.  This opportunity provides a way for two year olds to get attention while competing with 3 year olds.     PWHAT shows have always been a place to show young horses to get them used to the show ring, get experience and find their potential.

The Challenge is open to All Day, Country, Trail and Lite Shod/Classic Park divisions. The nomination fee is $50.00 per horse.   $2000 will be added to the nomination fees, and divided among the winners as follows: 1st place will receive 35%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 20%, 4th 10% and 5th 5%.

Points will be counted for any rail class in which a two year old shows —  with a limit of 3 classes per show. Points will be given for 1st –5th, with one point for participation if the horse shows and does not place.  The Challenge will be for the first four shows only and prize money will be awarded at the PWHAT Jamboree in July.

If the nomination fee is not paid by the first show (April 11), then the fee will increase by $25 before each show.   Normal entry fees apply for each class the nominated horse is entered in. Contact Rex Nance 615-293-7116 for more information.

Download Nomination form 



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