High Points

View High Point Winners for 2020

Points are awarded for each class at each show and are accumulated throughout the season.  At the annual awards banquet at the end of each year, awards are given to the first, second and third place high point winners in each class. This is how the points are accumulated:

—  Owner and Exhibitor must be a PWHAT member in order to accrue points.

—  In 2020, horse must show in at least 3 shows to be eligible for high points/awards.

—  Points follow the horse regardless of who the rider is (as long as each rider is a member).

—  If a horse sells during the show season, whoever owned the horse when the most points accrued receives the award – if they are a member.

Points are calculated as follows:

1 point for entry (regardless of placing)

1st – 5 points

2nd – 4 points

3rd – 3 points

4th – 2 points

5th – 1 point

Double points awarded for Jamboree