Oktoberfest & rescheduled Jamboree October 19

PWHAT Shows on October 19, 2019

On October 19, 2019, the remaining classes (26-57) from the PWHAT Jamboree show will be held in conjunction with the PWHAT Oktoberfest show at MacGregor Farm in Murfreesboro.  Starting at class 26, the entries from both shows will be showing in the same class; however, awards and points will be given separately for each show you are entered in. 

The versatility classes will start at 10 am and the rail classes will start at approximately 11 am and the Jamboree classes will start at class 26.  Attire will be casual (collared shirt, long pants, boots) for both shows.

Jamboree entries will be brought forward from the original Jamboree show on 7/20 and no new entries will be taken for the Jamboree. Substitutions may be allowed at the discretion of the entry office. Jamboree entries will receive Jamboree ribbons, trophies, jackpot, PWHAT points and WHOA points. 

The Oktoberfest show is a totally different show, so anyone can enter the Oktoberfest classes and will receive Oktoberfest ribbons, jackpot, PWHAT points and double WHOA points (for the Oktoberfest show only.)

Here are some examples: If you are already entered in a class from the Jamboree and you enter the same class in the Oktoberfest, you will show in the same class but receive awards and points for both shows. If you are entered from the Jamboree and don’t enter the same class in Oktoberfest, you will receive awards and points from the Jamboree only. If you did not attend the Jamboree, you can enter your class for the Oktoberfest show and will receive awards and points from Oktoberfest only.

This is your last chance this year for points!  We hope to see everyone there!

Please contact Susan Paul or Amy Nance if you have questions or comments.

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