Elkmont Rails to Trails, Veto, AL

The trail is a total of 10 miles in one direction. We will be riding 5 miles South to Elkmont, AL where we will have lunch. Here you can continue on for a longer ride or head back to the trailers.

DIRECTIONS: Go South on I-65 and get off at Exit #6. Turn Right on 273/Bryson Rd. Go 1.5 miles to “T” intersection. Turn Left onto 31/Elkton Pike. Go 1 mile to blinking light. Turn Right to continue on 273/Prospect T. Go 6.5 miles to “T” intersection. Turn Left onto Veto Rd. Go 2.2 miles. Large gravel parking area is on the corner of State Line Rd and Veto Rd. (GPS: 30800 Veto Rd, Veto, AL) The White church is the start of trailhead; bathroom building is behind. BRING WATER FOR HORSES!! Trail is EASY and FLAT. Hazards are covered bridge, bicycles, and baby strollers.