Corporate Sponsors

We are honored to have Co-Op as a corporate sponsor of PWHAT. Rutherford Farmers Cooperative is located in Rutherford, Cannon and Dekalb counties and staffed with a team of well-educated specialists in all areas. But don’t expect to find those employees stuck behind a store counter. They take their expertise beyond the store walls into the field and onto the farm to help diagnose problems, formulate management programs, deliver supplies, apply inputs, set up equipment, and support the customer in every way possible.

We need your help to achieve the full benefit of their sponsorship. We are collecting bar codes from Pinnacle feed bags. If you can save those bar codes and turn them in to PWHAT we can receive $1.00 per bag! We will collect them throughout the year at PWHAT events like our banquet, shows and trail rides. You may also give them to a board member or mail them to us. Thank you–and thanks to Co-Op!

We would like to welcome our newest Corporate sponsor, Pinnacle Financial Partners!