PWHAT Trail Ride Challenge

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Trail Ride Challenge Enrollment Form

Trail Ride Log Sheet

Purpose of this program:
• Increase Membership
• Promote Trail Rides
• Add funds to the Scholarship Program
The Challenge:
• Trail riding miles will be recorded by each participant during the designated period.
• A record sheet will be provided to each entrant to record the location and miles ridden.
• An entry fee will be paid at the start of the period.
• A portion of the entry fee will go toward the jackpot, which will be awarded during the annual banquet.
• A portion of the entry fee will go directly into the Scholarship Fund.
• Awards will go toward 3 divisions: Youth, Adult and Senior.
Join the Challenge:
• An entry fee of $50.00 will be required at the beginning of the ride period for adult and senior divisions. Entry fee for youth will be 25.00.
• Each rider must be a member of the PWHAT organization.
• Each rider must list the mount to be used and the horse must be a gaited breed.
Period of Challenge:
• Start time of challenge will April 1st current year and end November 30 of same year.
Mileage Reporting:
• Rider will keep an accurate record of date, location of ride and miles ridden.
• One witness will be required for each ride to verify the ride’s occurrence. The challenge is miles traveled only; no limit of time traveled.
• Completed records of all rides will be submitted to PWHAT on or before December 15 following the conclusion of the Challenge.
Jackpot Split:
• 60% of entry fee dedicated to Jackpot payout.
• 40% of entry fee dedicated to Scholarship Program

Sponsorships Available:

  • Please let us know if you would like to be a sponsor for this program.
  • All sponsors are welcome to provide awards in each division.

For questions or more information, please contact Herbert Miller at [email protected]